About Us

Red House Gifts began when owner Alison Wehrle decided to bring her love of natural foods and artisanal products together in one product for consumers. She wanted to provide individuals and businesses a modern version of the gift basket that included local goods from her Shoreline CT community, as well as quality offerings from small batch companies around New England. What sets Red House apart from large chain gift companies is quality...unique local products crafted by skilled artisans and delightful foods that avoid fillers and artificial ingredients. Attention to detail is evident as is outstanding customer service. Whether you want to show appreciation to a friend or client, offer sympathy to a neighbor, or celebrate the birth of a child, Red House Gifts offers customized gifts that deliver!


Alison lives in a red house on the CT Shoreline. While operating Red House Gifts, she greatly enjoys bonding with her community and the Vermont makers where she and her family spend winters.


Red House Gifts supports small businesses that give back to their communities and the environment. 5% of the profits will be donated to various causes in the Shoreline area.